At Farm Foods we understand that you have questions. Please find below some of the most freqeuntly asked questions. If you require any further information please feel free to contact us.

What temperature should meat be safely cooked to?

Whilst different cooking appliances may cause slight variations, we recommend cooking to 74deg celsius. Use a meat thermometer to determine the degree of doneness. 

How long can I refrigerate a product with a "Best Before" label?

For products with a “Best Before” date on the package, use or freeze the product within 3-5 days from purchase. 

What is the safest way to thaw meat?

When defrosting meat, its best to plan ahead and place the product in the refrigerator the day before you plan to cook. Never defrost meat by leaving it on the counter or another room temperature surface. 

Do you deliver locally?

Yes we do!! Our delivery schedules may change depending on seasonality but we typically deliver throughout Geelong and the Surf Coast, the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne CBD.  

Where can I find your range of plant-based products?

Our NextGen2 plant-based burger is available exclusively at Woolworths. You can find our Simply Better Foods plant-based burger and mince products at your local Independent grocer. 

Why do you create plant-based burgers to replicate meat?

At Farm Foods we believe that consumers should have more variety in their dietary proteins without having to compromise. Our delicious range of plant-based mince and burgers provide that alternative whilst replicating the taste and texture of meat products whilst being more environmentally sustainable.

What are the NextGen2 and Simply Better FOods plant-based ranges made of?

Our range of products are made from plant-based ingredients that and do not contain gluten or soy, are non-GMO and are vegan friendly. All of our plant-based products are certified by Vegan Australia. For more specific information please visit our products page.

Does Farm Foods manufacture organic products?

The products across our portfolio are not currently certified organic but we have the capability to contract manufacture organic products upon request.