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set up

Scotched Eggs

scotch eggs


  • 1pkt Farm Foods Sausage Mince

  • 8 hardboiled eggs

  • 1 fresh egg

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Flour for dusting


  1. Lightly dust boiled eggs with flour
  2. Divide sausage meat into eight equal portions and press around the eggs
  3. Dust sausage wrapped eggs into flour, dip into beaten egg and roll into crumbs
  4. Heat oil to 180°C and cook scotch eggs for 4-5 minutes or until sausage meat is cooked and crumbs are browned. Alternatively, oven bake at 180°C
  5. Lay on a paper towel to drain excess oil
  6. Enjoy some delicious scotched eggs

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