Simply Better Foods

Simply Better Foods Range

It’s important to enjoy the simple things in life and when it comes to getting the perfect balance of meat and plant-based proteins in your diet, the Simply Better Foods range makes it…simple with our Flexitarian and Plant-Based ranges. 


Our revolutionary range of 100% meat-free products provides an alternative protein source for those who want to cut down or eliminate their red meat intake that satisfies like the taste of red meat without compromising on texture, protein and mouthfeel and is versatile enough to be used in any dish that traditionally requires meat. The Simply Better Foods Plant-Based range is soy free, gluten free and is certified by Vegan Australia, making it simply…better. 



Meat and vegetables, the perfect combination, but sometimes we can ‘t get the right balance in our diets. Simply Better Foods Flexitarian products gives the ultimate balance of both. Try our new Beef, Pea, Carrot & Corn Sausages today!


*You can find the Simply Better Foods range at your local IGA supermarket. 



Simply Better Foods Plant-Based Mince 400g

100% plant-based made from pea protein, Simply Better Foods plant-based mince is packed with protein (16 grams per serve) and is versatile to use in place of traditional mince without compromising on taste or flavour. 

Available at your local IGA supermarket.

Simply Better Foods Plant-Based Burgers 225g

100% meat-free, Simply Better Foods plant-based burgers deliver on the delicious taste and texture of a classic meat patty, without the meat!! Packed with protein (15 grams per serve), non GMO, and free from soy and gluten, Simply Better Foods plant-based burgers are a delicious and healthy plant-based alternative.

Available at your local IGA supermarket.